ISCOL 2016 – Posters

  • The 2016 Israel Seminar of Computational Linguistics

    ISCOL 2016: Celebrating Alon Itai's Retirement

    Tuesday, May 31, 2016 | Butler Auditorium, Neaman Institute Technion​

    Poster size is 90cmX120cm

    • VSA – Visual Sentiment Analysis System 
      Zvi Ben-Ami, Ronen Feldman, Benjamin Rosenfeld
    • Supporting Human Answers for Advice-Seeking Questions in CQA Sites
      Liora Braunstain, Oren Kurland, David Carmel, Idan Szpektor, Anna Shtok
    • Symmetric Patterns and Coordinations: Fast and Enhanced Representations of Verbs and Adjectives
      Roy Schwartz, Roi Reichart, Ari Rappoport
    • Preposition Sense Disambiguation using Multilingual Data
      Hila Gonen and Yoav Goldberg
    • Identifying Web Queries with Question Intent
      Gilad Tsur, Yuval Pinter, Idan Szpektor, David Carmel
    • Syntactic Features in Automatic Essay Scoring: A Case Study from Modern Hebrew
      Lital Ravid, Effi Levy, Reut Tsarfaty
    • Separated by an Un-common Language: Towards Judgment Language Informed Vector Space Modeling
      Ira Leviat, Roi Reichart
    • Improved Parsing for Argument-Clusters Coordination​
      Jessica Ficler, Yoav Goldberg
    • Rich Patterns over Multi-Layered Term Representations for Argumentation Mining
      Eyal Shnarch, Ran Levy, Vikas Raykar, Noam Slonim
    • Expert Stance Graphs for Computational Argumentation​
      Orith Toledo-Ronen, Roy Bar-Haim, Noam Slonim
    • Context2vec: Learning Generic Context Embedding with Bidirectional LSTM​
      Oren Melamud, Jacob Goldberger, Ido Dagan
    • Annotating and Predicting Reduced Argument Span
      ​Gabriel Stanovsky, Ido Dagan, Meni Adler
    • The Structured Weighted Violations Perceptron Algorithm​
      Rotem Dror, Roi Reichart
    • Natural language understanding through semantic calculus​
      Meir Kuzari
    • Improving Sequence to Sequence Learning for Morphological Inflection Generation
      Roee Aharoni, Yoav Goldberg, Yonatan Belinkov
    • Intertextuality in Tibetan Texts​
      Daniel Labenski, Elad Shaked, Orna Almogi, Lena Dankin, Nachum Dershowitz, Lior Wolf
    • Effective Greedy Search for Graph-bassed Non-projective Dependency Parsing
      Ilan Tschernovitz, Roi Reichart
    • That’s Not My Question: Learning to Weight Unmatched Terms in CQA Vertical Search​
      Boaz Petersil, Avihai Mejer, Idan Szpektor, Koby Crammer