Oren Etzioni

The Future of Semantic Web Search

In the mobile world, “10 blue links” are increasingly unsatisfying.  Google’s Knowledge Graph and Facebook’s Graph Search demonstrate how Web search is evolving from document search to Question Answering.

My talk will outline the next phase in this evolution with a focus on “Open Information Extraction”—the scaling of information extraction to the Web—and its implications for Web search.


Oren Etzioni

Oren Etzioni grew up in Israel, graduated from Harvard in 1986, and received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon in 1991.  He is the WRF Entrepreneurship Professor of Computer Science at the University of Washington. 

He is the author of over 200 technical papers, cited over 18,000 times, and was selected as a AAAI Fellow for his contributions to software agents, Web-based technologies, and intelligent user interfaces.

He is the founder of three companies focused on increased transparency for shoppers.

His first company, Netbot, was the first online comparison shopping company (acquired by Excite in 1997).

His second company, Farecast, advised travelers when to buy their air tickets.

Farecast was acquired by Microsoft in 2008 and became the foundation for Bing Travel.  Decide.com, founded in 2010,  utilizes

Cutting-edge  data- and text- mining methods to minimize buyer’s remorse.