TCE Conference 2014 – Talks & Slides

  • Fisrt Day | Second Day

    First Day – Monday May 26th, 2014
    Learning to Cluster and Classify
    Guillermo Sapiro (Duke University) Video | PDF
    Building Computer Vision into Intel's Processors and SOC's   
    Ofri Wechsler (Intel)  
    Blind Deblurring  &  Blind Super-Resolution
    using Internal Patch Recurrence
    Michal Irani (Weizmann Institute)  
    Learning Near-Isometric Linear Embeddings
    Richard Baraniuk (Rice University)  
    Continuous, Non-Invasive Monitoring of Chest Wall Dynamics 
    For Earlier Detection of Respiratory Complications
    Carmit Levy (Pneumedicare)  
    Empirical Intrinsic Geometry for Nonlinear Signal Analysis
    Ronen Talmon (Technion) Video PDF
    The Age of the Emotional Machines – A  Look into
    Emotion Detection Technologies, its Practical Uses Today 
    and A Glance into the World of Tomorrow
    Amir Liberman (Nemesysco) Video | PDF
    Peeling Images – A Structured Layer Representation
    Using the TV Transform
    Guy Gilboa (Technion) Video | PDF
    Convergence of Digital Signal Processing in
    Communication and Hearing Aids
    Alexander Goldin (Alango Technologies) Video | PDF
    Image Compression with Diffusion-Based Inpainting
    Joachim Weickert (Saarland University)  PDF
    Voice Biometrics for Mobile Authentication
    Hagai Aronowitz (IBM) Video |  PDF
    The Power of Asymmetry in Binary Hashing
    Nati Srebro (Technion) Video 
    Automatic Model-Based Segmentation of Medical Images Cristian Lorenz (Philips) Video | PDF  

    Second Day – Tuesday May 27th, 2014

    Signal and Image Classification
    Stephane Mallat (ENS, Paris) Video | PDF
    Computational Imaging: Never Think You’ve
    Seen the Last of Anything
    Peyman Milanfar (UC Santa Cruz) Video | PDF
    Operator Representations in Geometry Processing
    Omri Azencot (CS, Technion) Video 
    Single Image Super-Resolution via Sparse Representations
    Tomer Peleg (EE, Technion)  Video PDF
    Dual Networks as a Tool for Signal Processing
    of Databases of Observations
    Ronald Coifman (Yale University) Video 
    Computer Vision that is Changing Our Lives:
    From Autonomous Driving to Wearable Devices
    Amnon Shashua (Hebrew University) NA | NA
    High Resolution Digital Pen System
    Using Airborne Ultrasound
    Nathan Altman (Qualcomm) Video | PDF
    Sparse Reflections Analysis: Fast Removal of General
    Multipath for Time of Flight Sensors
    Eyal Krupka (Microsoft Research) NA | PDF
    A Subspace Learning of Dynamics on a Shape Manifold:
    A Generative Modeling Approach
    Hamid Krim (NCSU) Video | PDF
    A High Frequency Introduction to HFT
    Ariel Ben Porat (Final) Video 
    Panel – Is Deep Learning the Final Frontier
    and the End of Signal Processing?
    Guillermo Sapiro (Duke University)
    Ronald Coifman (Yale University)
    Stephane Mallat (ENS, Paris)
    Peyman Milanfar (UC Santa Cruz)
    Amnon Shashua (Hebrew University)
    Nati Srebro (Technion)