TCE Conference 2013

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    The 3rd Annual Henry Taub International TCE Conference
    May 28-29, 2013
    Churchill Auditorium, Technion,Haifa
    Machine Learning & Big Data
    Conference chairs: Ran El-Yaniv and Shie Mannor (Technion)
    The 3rd Annual International TCE Conference took place on May 28-29, 2013 in the Churchill auditorium at the Technion. The conference theme this year was Machine Learning and Big Data, and the conference chairs were professor Ran El-Yaniv from CS, and professor Shie Mannor from EE. Over a 1000 people registered in advance and over 900 people attended the conference in its two days, an unprecedented number in Israel. Attendees were a mix of graduate students, faculty members from all academic institutes in Israel, and high tech industry employees – major leading companies and startups alike. The conference was sponsored by major companies such as Final, Intel, Mellanox, Microsoft, Marvell, EMC-RSAand more. The Israeli Science Foundation also supported the conference.
    Prominent speakers in the fields of big data and machine learning, both from industry (Yahoo!, IBM, RSA, Microsoft and Google) and from leading universities (Stanford, UCSD, University of Washington) presented at the event. The technical program was designed to cover a wide range of topics and research disciplines. The encompassing mix of topics attracted a great deal of attention and the speaker lineup was truly impressive.
    The program also included two fascinating industry-academia panel discussions. The first focused on big data and the second on big data challenges in machine learning. Some of the topics covered were Information extraction and semantic web, deep learning, recommender systems, using big data to extract knowledge and predictions for business analytics and customer relations, computational molecular biology, algorithmic trading, learning algorithms for big data  and learning for computational advertisement.

    Sponsored by
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    Tuesday, May 28, 2013
    08:00-08:50  Gathering & registration
    Opening remarks
    Peretz Lavie, Technion president
    Adam Shwartz, EE dean
    Assaf Schuster, TCE head
    Session Chair: Danny Geiger 
    The Future of Semantic Web Search
    Oren Etzioni (University of Washington) 
    Recommendation Challenges in Web Media Settings
    Ronny Lempel (Yahoo! Labs)
    Algorithm Design for MapReduce
    Jeffrey Ullman (Stanford University)
    11:05-11:30 Coffee break
    Session Chair: Irad Yavneh 
    Learning about Medicine by Applying Machine Learning to User Generated Content: The Case of Anorexia
    Elad Yom-Tov (Microsoft Research)
    Continuous, Non-Invasive Monitoring of Chest Wall Dynamics For Earlier Detection of Respiratory Complications
    Carmit Levy (Pneumedicare)
    Optimizing Business by Unleashing Big Data in the Enterprise
    Aya Soffer (IBM)
    Genes, Chromatin, and Transcription
    Nir Friedman (Hebrew University) 
    13:10-14:15 Lunch
    Session Chair: Elad Hazan
    Yosef Meyouhas (Marvell)
    Panel Big Data: The Big Picture
    Moderator: Yoav Freund (UCSD)
    Freddy Bruckstein (Technion)
    Oren Etzioni (University of Washington) 
    Yishay Mansour (Tel Aviv U and Microsoft Research)
    Jeffrey Ullman (Stanford)


    "We are Drowning in (Big) Data but Starving for Knowledge" – Advanced Analytics to the Rescue
    Shai Fine (Intel)
    On the Emergence of Hierarchies in Sensing-acting Systems 
    Naftali Tishby (Hebrew University)
    16:30-16:50 Coffee break
    Session Chair: Freddy Bruckstein 
    BOOM: BOOsting with Momentum
    Yoram Singer (Google) 
    Deep Learning: Machine learning via Large-scale Brain Simulations
    Andrew Ng (Stanford University) 
    * Video conference
    Wednesday, May 29, 2013
     Gathering & registration
    Gilad Shainer (Mellanox)
    Session Chair: Nahum Shimkin
    Counterfactual Reasoning and Computational Advertisement
    Léon Bottou (Microsoft Research)
    Using Big Data and Innovative Analytics Algorithms to Improve Customers' Retention and Value
    Gadi Solotrevsky (CVidya)
    WAND Revisited
    Andrei Broder (Google) 
    11:05-11:30 Coffee break
    Session Chair: Nir Ailon
    11:30-11:55 Constrain, Train, Validate and Explain: A Classifier for Mission-critical Applications
    Yaakov Engel and Amir Navot (RAFAEL)
    Using Data to Protect Data: The Future of Intelligence-driven Security
    Tom Heiser (RSA)
    Sparse Modeling of Graph-structured Data … and … Images
    Michael  Elad (Technion)
    13:10-14:15 Lunch
    Session Chair: Ron Meir 
    Panel Machine Learning Facing Big Data: Challenges and Prospects
    Moderator: Yoav Freund (UCSD)
    Léon Bottou (Microsoft Research)
    Carmel Domshlak (Technion)
    Shaul Markovitch (Technion)
    Yoram Singer (Google)


    On Sublinear Algorithms for Approximating Graph Parameters
    Dana Ron (Tel Aviv University) 
    Coffee break
    Session Chair: Koby Crammer 
    Algorithmic Trading in Financial Markets
    Gadi Kimmel (Final)
    16:40-17:30 Low-pass Semantics
    Fernando Pereira (Google) 
    17:30-17:40 closing comments