Academic Members

  • All academic members of the TCE should sign the TCE  Memorandum of Understanding (TCE MOU). For more information see MOU clarification
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    Prof. Nir Ailon (CS) * Homepage
    Research Fields: 
    Learning theory, with emphasis on learning from pairwise preference data and ranking, clustering and metric learning from similarity information, structured matrix completion, active learning, fast dimensionality reduction techniques and their use in analysis of large, high dimensional data, applications of learning and data mining to real world applications.
    Prof. Mirela Ben-Chen (CS) * Homepage
    Research Fields:
    Geometry Processing, Computer Graphics, Discrete Differential Geometry, Conformal Geometry, and Shape Analysis and Understanding.
    Eli biham
    Prof. Eli Biham (CS) HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields: 
    Cryptology and Cryptanalysis, Cyber Security
    Yitzhak Birk
    Prof. Tsahi Birk (EE) HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields:
    Computer systems and subsystems, as well as communication networks, parallel and distributed architectures for information systems, including communication-intensive storage systems (e.g., multimedia servers) and satellite-based systems, with special attention to the true application requirements in each case and processor architecture.
    freddy bruckstein
    Prof. Freddy Bruckstein (CS) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields: 
    Signal Processing, Image Processing, Image Analysis, Ant Robotics
    Yuval Cassuto
    Prof. Yuval Cassuto (EE) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields: 
    Data Storage, Information Distribution and Processing, Fault Tolerance, Coding
    Keren Censor-Hillel
    Prof. Keren Censor-Hillel (CS) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Network Algorithms, Concurrent Data Structures
    Israel Cidon
    Prof. Israel Cidon (EE) HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields: 
    Network-on-chip, Network optimization for cloud computing, Mobile networks architecture, Chip Multi-processors for embedded devices and Distributed systems
    Israel Cohen
    Prof. Israel Cohen (EE) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Statistical signal processing, Analysis and modeling of acoustic signals, Speech enhancement, Noise estimation, Microphone arrays, Source localization, Blind source separation, System identification, Adaptive filtering and Image Analysis and Processing.
    Reuven Cohen
    Prof. Reuven Cohen (CS) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields: 
    Optical and wireless networks, sensor neworks, mobile networks, protocol design and analysis, traffic engineering, and many other aspects of modern communication networks.
    Koby Crammer
    Prof. Koby Crammer (EE) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields:
    Machine Learning, Big Data, Prediction, Statistical Analysis

    Dr. Itai Dinur HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    cryptography, computer security and related areas. His focus is on design and analysis of symmetric key primitives.

    Carmel Domshlak
    Prof. Carmel Domshlak (IE&M) HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) computational and modeling problems, with an emphasis on interesting structure/complexity connections that can be found in different tasks of automated reasoning such as domain-independent planning, multi-agent system design, and user-centric information systems (via preferential reasoning).
    Orr Dunkelman
    Prof. Orr Dunkelman (Haifa U) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Cryptography, Computer Security, Privacy
    Michael Elad
    Prof. Michael Elad (CS) HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Signal and Image Processing, Data Modeling, Inverse Problems, Sparse Representations, Optimization
    Gersho Elber
    Prof. Gershon Elber (CS) HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields: 
    Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Geometric Design.
    Ran El-Yaniv
    Prof. Ran El-Yaniv (CS) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Machine learning and data mining, Online algorithms and competitive analysis and Computational finance

    Prof. Mattan Erez (TCE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields:
    The interaction between computer hardware, the compiler, the programming model, and the programmer. Some of my other research interests include programmable computer architecture in general, parallel architectures, micro-architecture design, and high-performance computing methods and algorithms.

    Yoav Etsion
    Prof. Yoav Etsion (TCE) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Computer Architecture and Micro-Architecture, Hardware/Software Interplay, Parallel Programming Models, Operating Systems and Virtualization, High-Performance Computing
    Tuvi Etzion
    Prof. Tuvi Etzion (CS) * HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Coding Theory, Digital Sequences, Combinatorial Algorithms and Designs in Coding, Coding for Storage Devices and Applications of Discrete Mathematics to Problems in Computer Science and Information Theory.
    Dror Feitelson
    Prof. Dror Feitelson (HUJI) HOMEPAGE
    Research Fields
    Performance evaluation, parallel job scheduling, operating systems, software engineering, and a bit of architecture.

    Prof. Barak Fishbain HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Environmental Informatics (Enviromatics), mathematical programming and machine understanding of built and natural environments, environmental data sets analysis, environmental distributed sensing, distributed air and water quality monitoring, safety and traffic data realization and structural sensory networks.

    Arik Friedman

    Dr. Arik Friedman (NICTA) HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Privacy, Computer Security, Data Mining

    roy Friedman

    Prof. Roy Friedman (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Reliable distributed systems, high-availability and fault-tolerance, group communication, cluster computing, wireless mobile ad hoc network, and client/server Middleware (CORBA/.NET/J2EE/Web Services).

    Avigdor Gal

    Prof. Avigdor Gal (IE&M) *  HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Schema Matching, Complex Event Processing, Business Process Management

    Dan Geiger

    Prof. Dan Geiger (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: The study of probabilistic models for intelligent systems, in particular, the study of Bayesian networks and their applications in Bioinformatics and in other domains.

    Yossi Gil

    Prof. Yossi Gil (CS) HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Software engineering, in particular: aspects related to the object-oriented paradigm, programming languages and parsing.

    Ran Ginosar

    Prof. Ran Ginosar (EE) HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields:
    Many-core Plural architecture and Neurochips.

    Orna Grumberg

    Prof. Orna Grumberg (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Model Checking, Formal verification of hardware and software systems, Abstraction, Compositional model checking, Temporal logics, Finding security vulnerabilities using model checking.

    Yuval Ishai

    Prof. Yuval Ishai (CS) *  HOMEPAGE 

    Research Fields: 
    Cryptography, Complexity Theory

    Sshmuel Katz

    Prof. Shmuel Katz (CS) * HOMEPAGE 

    Research Fields: 
    Aspect-oriented software development, Formal specification methods and connections among them, Verification using convenient executions, Language constructs for distributed programming and Self-stabilization and fault-tolerance.

    Jacob Katzenelson

    Prof. Jacob Katzenelson (EE) 

    Research Fields: 
    Software (programming languages and translators), Computer hardware and parallel architecture, System and circuit theory, Computer aided design of electronic circuits and systems, Heavy scientific computing — partial differential equations, Solid-state electronics.

    Idit Keidar

    Prof. Idit Keidar (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Distributed compressed sensing, dynamic (reconfigurable) distributed storage, cloud storage, local computing and dynamic networks, multi-cores (CMP), transactional memory and concurrent data structures, and replication and coordination.

    Isaac keslassy

    Prof. Isaac Keslassy (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Computer Networks, Switches and Routers, Multi-core Architectures

    Ron Kimmel

    Prof. Ron Kimmel (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Image Processing, Computer Vision, Shape Analysis, Medical Imaging, Computational Metric Geometry

    Avinoam Kolodny

    Prof. Avinoam Kolodny (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    VLSI Architecture, Network on Chip, System Interconnect, Circuits

    Eyal Kushilevitz

    Prof. Eyal Kushilevitz (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Cryptography and Privacy, Complexity and Communication Complexity


    Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky (EE)HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Integrated Circuits, VLSI and Computer Architecture

    Michael Lindenbaum

    Prof. Micha Lindenbaum (CS) *  HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Computer Vision, Learning

    Shie Mannor

    Prof. Shie Mannor (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Machine Learning, Decision under Uncertainty, Big Data, Analytics, Optimization

    Shaul Markovitch

    Prof. Shaul Markovitch (CS) *HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Selective Learning, Speedup Learning, Feature Generation, Active Learning, Learning in Multi-Agent Systems, Opponent Modeling, Game playing, Anytime Algorithms, Resource-Bounded Reasoning, Reasoning under Uncertainty, Heuristic Search.

    Avi Mendelson

    Prof. Avi Mendelson (TCE) *  HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Computer Architecture, High Performance Computing, Low-Power, OS, GPGPU

    Tal Mor

    Prof. Tal Mor (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Quantum Information Processing (QIP)

    Yoram moses

    Prof. Yoram Moses (EE) *

    Research Fields: 
    Distributed and multi-agent systems, The theory of knowledge in a distributed environment, Theoretical computer science, Algorithms, Formal methods,

    Ariel Orda

    Prof. Ariel Orda (EE, Dean) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Applications of Game Theory to Networking, Network Survivability & QoS, Resource Allocation in the Cloud Routing Algorithms & Protocols, Wireless Networks


    Dr. Margarita Osadchy (Haifa U) HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields:  Machine learning, Object recognition and detection, Privacy preserving face recognition, Illumination insensitive recognition of objects with different materials properties such as matte, specular, transparent and their combinations, Photometric image matching, Event recognition.

    Erez Petrank

    Prof. Erez Petrank (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Programming languages and systems (mostly on memory management), and on parallel algorithms, parallelism, cryptography, data structures, approximation algorithms, and distributed computing.


    Prof. Danny Raz (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Cloud Resource Management, SDN, TE, and Efficient Network Management

    Roi Reichart

    Prof. Roi Reichart (IE&M) HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

    Ehud Rivlin

    Prof. Ehud Rivlin (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Robot Vision, Object Recognition, Artificial Intelligence; Image Understanding, Image Processing, Image Databases

    Raphi Rom

    Prof. Raphi Rom (EE, TCE Head) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: Design and control of heterogeneous computer networks, Design and control of local wireless networks, Design and analysis of network protocols, Scheduling and QoS methods, Wireless communication networks, High speed communication networks

    ronny Roth

    Prof. Ronny Roth (CS)  HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Error-Correcting Codes, Coding for Magnetic and Optical Recording, Application of Coding Theory to Complexity and Information Theory

    Yoav schechner

    Prof. Yoav Schechner (EE)* HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Cross-modal Analysis, Imaging optics, Environmental sensing

    Moti sEGEV

    Distinguished University Professor Moti Segev (Physics Department) HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Nonlinear Optics, Solitons, Sub-wavelength Imaging, Lasers and Quantum Electronics

    Assaf Schuster

    Prof. Assaf Schuster (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research fields: 
    Parallel and Distributed Computing, Big Data, Scalable Streaming Data, Data Mining and Analytics, Market-driven Cloud Management

    Nahum Shimkin

    Prof. Nahum Shimkin (EE) *  HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Stochastic Control. Queueing Theory, Dynamic Games, Reinforcement Learning

    Oded Shmueli

    Prof. Oded Shmueli (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Database Systems: Theoretical aspects of query processing in relational databases, XML databases and logic based databases (Datalog); System issues: Physical storage, concurrency control, recovery, replication and distribution; Querying the WWW; Electronic Commerce; Automated Negotiation.

    Adam Shwartz

    Prof. Adam Shwartz (EE) *  HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Stochastic models, Performance evaluation, Markov Decision processes, Diffusion limits, Large Deviations

    Mark Silberstein

    Prof. Mark Silberstein (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Heterogeneous architectures: programming tools, scheduling algorithms, OS abstractions, privacy support in OS. High performance computing on grids and clouds, distributed storage systems. Parallel processing on multicores and GPUs.

    Ido Tal

    Prof. Ido Tal (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Error-correcting Codes, Polar Codes, Constrained Codes

    Ayellet Tal

    Prof. Ayellet Tal (EE) HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Geometry Processing

    Eran Tromer Prof. Eran Tromer  HOMEPAGE
    Dan Tsafrir

    Prof. Dan Tsafrir (CS) *  HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Operating Systems, Virtualization, Storage, Supercomputing, Performance Analysis 

    Uri Weiser

    Prof. Uri Weiser (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields:
    Computer Architecture, Memory Subsystem, Heterogeneous Systems, Media Processing, Memory Intensive Architecture

    Shmuel Wimer

    Prof. Shmuel Wimer (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    VLSI Design Optimization, Low-Power Design, Combinatorial Optimization

    Eitan Yaakobi

    Prof. Eitan Yaakobi (CS)* HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Information and coding theory with applications to non-volatile memories, associative memories, data storage and retrieval, and voting theory.

    Gala Yadgar

    Dr. Gala Yadgar (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Storage and Large Scale Data Centers, Cache Management and Content Distribution

    Eran Yahav

    Prof. Eran Yahav (CS) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Program Analysis, Program Synthesis, Verification, Programming Languages, Software Engineering 

    Irad Yavneh

    Prof. Irad Yavneh (CS Dean) *  HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Multigrid computational methods; scientific computing; image processing; computational fluid dynamics; numerical analysis.

    Prof. Yedidsion Liron

    Prof. Liron Yedidsion (IE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Scheduling, Assignment, Combinatorial optimization, Computational complexity (NP-hardness in particular), Approximation algorithms, Supply chain management

    Shmuel Zaks

    Prof. Shmuel Zaks (CS) HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields: 
    Graph and Combinatorial Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Distributed Computing, Theory of Networking, Optical Networks

    Lihi Zelnik MANOR

    Prof. Lihi Zelnik-Manor (EE) * HOMEPAGE

    Research Fields
    Computer Vision, Image Analysis, Video Analysis


     *members with industrial interest